Top Music-Themed Slot Machines

Music is an integral part of life and culture. It is found everywhere you go thanks to the many singers and groups who have produced the greatest songs in history. Music gets hearts racing and feet tapping. The experience of playing awesome slot games like Immortal Romance 2, gets even more exciting when your favorite kind of music plays as you enjoy the games. Whether your favorite kind of music is reggae, rock, heavy metal or pop, you will be sure that you can get the ideal music themed slot for you. Here are some of the top music-themed slot machines that you can find on top online casinos in Canada such as the ones available at, Golden Tiger Casino and Luxury Casino (which is now available in Japan as well – ラグジュアリーカジノ )

Guns N’ Roses
This online slot from NetEnt takes you on a gaming expedition with a band that was among the greatest of them all in rock music. This 5-reel and 20-payline game was released in celebration of the band’s thirtieth anniversary. You can select your preferred song list against the stage backdrop. Apartr from the great soundtrack, this game offers a number of special features that include Expanding Wilds, Guitar Solo multiplier and Legend Spins. Read more about games and new features on

Karaoke Party
Karaoke is a popular experience that you have probably done either in front of a crowd at a club or while taking your shower. Microgaming offers you the chance of grabbing the microphone and singing along to your choice songs while spinning the reels, which defers people from asking is Grand Mondial a legitimate casino. A Karaoke party bar reflects the theme of the game. The top paying symbols are groups of friends singing or brave souls going it solo. This slot game is probably one of my favorite. On this slot game, the Karaoke Party starts as soon as the three scatters hit the reels. You will be given 15 free spins together with the chance of re-triggers and all your wins will be tripled during payout. You will also get your wild wins doubled during the base play. How good is that?! I found this game by checking, as its name suggest it, this site specializes in slot games and will give you more details.

Megadeth Slot
Leander Games united this renowned band playing thrash metal with the 5-reel, 40-payline video slot game, Megadeth. The game features Dave Mustaine, the founder of the band, who in the game is a hot untamed symbol along with his band mates. They are Shawn Drover, Chris Broderick and David Ellefson along with a number of signed plectrums and instruments. When you get to the Headcrush bonus round, you have to pick some prisoners. It is important to note that the female prisoners will award you prizes while male prisoners decrease it.

Kiss Slot
The Kiss slot features a 10-reel, 100-payline slot game that comes with various clips of the famous band in concert. The bonus round features flaming reels, rock anthems and electric guitar sounds. The game is supported by WMS software, who did an amazing job at giving the game that idiosyncratic sound of KISS.

Lemmy Kilmister passed away some years ago. However, his legacy still lives on as the front man of the Motorhead band and his involvement in the heavy metal movement. NetEnt created the slot game to celebrate his life and lets players rock to their favorite songs by the Motorhead rock band including; “The Ace of Spades”, which was their biggest hit. This action-packed slot is its own ace of spades with its extraordinary 76 paylines over five reels.

All the above are some of the top music-themed slot machines. However, the list is not in any way conclusive as there are several other games powered by different gaming software providers. It does not matter the games that you choose to take a spin, you are guaranteed to enjoy an amazing gaming time while listening to your favorite great music hits.…

Best Singing Competitions Around the World

Now, do you believe that you have that wonderful voice enough to tame the judges and audience as you perform? Are you looking to live and achieve all your dreams through music? How would you feel if you became famous today? Well then, if you are optimistic about any of the above, it’s about time you buckle up. Keep in mind that this can be the prospected breakthrough that you’ve been waiting for capable of changing your entire life.

Anyway, if you are an aspiring artist or rather a singer, there are very many singing competitions that are consistently done around the world. These are amazing events that you should think of signing up for. There are very many competitions that take place each and every year, both local and international. Remember that winners of these singing competitions get to turn a new page of their lives and get the very rare opportunity of starting over a clean slate. Here are some of the best-prized singing competitions around the world;

Now, often referred to as the Eurovision, the Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most popular singing competition across the entire world. Eurovision is also among the singing competitions that run for the longest period of time each and every year. Primarily, the competition is usually held among the European Broadcasting Union members ever since the year 1956. 2018 isn’t any different from the others as the Eurovision 2018 is currently taking place in Lisbon, Portugal. To find out more about what happening in Europe in the entertainment industry visit and get the latest news!

The X-Factor
Created by one of the most talented producers in Britain, The X Factor is a TV series music competition merchandise developed by Simon Cowell. Originally, the X Factor was started in the United Kingdom as a replacement of the Pop Idol. However, after a while, the show was adopted by several other countries all over the world. For amazing prizes that could change your entire life and that of your family members, sign up for the X Factor and be on your struggle to achieve the best.

This is another singing franchise that was created and developed by Mr. Simon Cowell. Each and every season, the host is out to search for and sign the best solo-recording artist in the area that hasn’t been signed by any label yet. Although the show was originally set to find the best pop artists, it has evolved over the years to accommodate all other music genres.

The Voice
Originally created and hosted in Holland, The Voice has now diversified and expanded to around 68 different stages set in almost any country that you can think of. An affiliate show, The Voice Kids Is also usually hosted and set to find the kids with amazing voices set to be the next big stars across the entire world. One outstanding attribute of this competition is the quality of talent manifested. However, that is exactly what you expect having four amazing famous performing artists as coaches of the competitors. The Voice also has the ability to completely change your life and that of your loved ones.We forgot to mention that if you are into music and entertainment then some casino games might be for you. Check our out previous post about the “music-themed slot machines”! These kind of games can also be found on; we recommend you to check this site that we found very useful.

These are the top 4 singing competitions around the world that have existed in the industry for quite a while now. Keep in mind that winners from any, and all of these shows get the opportunity of experiencing life from a different perspective. Sign up today for any of the above and you could be the next big star! Stay tuned as Switzerland could soon have its own singing competition too! For more info check out…

Why Does Everyone Love American Idol?

Almost everyone loves music as it is a universal language and can make people happy. Besides some of the famous singer, there are many hidden talents who have excellent voice. American Idol is one of the most popular singing reality TV shows. It is a great platform for many people, regardless of their age, to showcase their singing talent. The best singer wins the title and gets the some amazing winning prizes along with a singing contract. People love watching this reality show because it is a pure fun and entertainment.

Hidden talents
This world is full of hidden talents. There are some unknown faces with exceptional singing talent and with right exposure they can shine brighter than ever. American Idol provides that platform for them to showcase their talents and get an opportunity to grow and become more and more successful. People get to see different singing talents along with their amazing performance through this reality show. Thus, they love to watch this show. Thus, there is no doubt why this show can appeal millions of fans and viewers every season.

Great fun & entertainment
Besides the regular TV series and movies, everyone loves to watch American Idol. The main reason is the fun and entertainment. There is something different than that of other TV series and movies as it is a reality show. It is a show that runs for two or three months at a stretch and provides pure entertainment. With so many amazing singers with great talents, it is surely a refreshing experience for the people. There is no drama and no suspense but pure entertainment. People love to just relax after a hectic day at work and enjoy the show. Even it is a great way to entertain while working in the kitchen or anything. People, especially the ones who take great interest in music, love to watch this show regularly to keep themselves updated all the time. Starting from the very first season, it is attracting millions of viewers. Even people happily post their views and feedbacks in social media accounts about this show. If you are into good entertainment you should also check what online casinos have to offer you might not be disappointed. could be good to check if you are a beginner.

Family time entertainment
Another reason why everyone loves to watch American Idol is because it is a complete family show. It doesn’t matter if you have a 3-year-old kid or a teenager or an elderly person at home, you can watch this show with anyone and everyone. In fact, this show is meant for the families and you can enjoy the singing talents of the contestants thoroughly. Also, you get to know what the critics and judges have to say about the performance and how much appreciation one is getting.

These undiscovered talents get a great platform where people from all over the world can watch them singing. Even performances are judged on various factors. It is quite interesting to see the entire season to catch everyone performing. But it is also interesting to see who get eliminated and who make their way to the  top and become finalists. Ultimately, it is a fun to guess or support someone to become the winner of the title that season. Overall, American Idol is a perfect combination of talent, entertainment and fun. Thus, everyone loves to watch it…